We Love BuHi


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We Love buhi is a non-profit organization based out of atlanta, ga. their mission is to preserve a small multicultural section in metro atlanta that is currently under attack by the negative affects of gentrification. immigrant families and culture is the lifeblood of buford highway, and is also the home of WATS Media. WE share in the mission of preserving buford highway, so the we love buhi mission resonates deeply with us.

Donations is the main source of support for most non-profits. budgets are always out of whack, and most non-profits lack resources to make effective digital marketing assets. you don’t always need the best gear to make the best stuff… sometimes all you need is a community of great people and some smart phones. this is a year-end giving promo video we created for buhi where we sourced videos from our team and buhi volunteers. jennifer (WATS co-founder) recorded the voiceover in our home studio.

truth be told, we were very unsure about how this video would come out… but the result we believe portrays the brand perfectly in their essence. a little rough around the edges, but wholesome and filled with love… just like a family, which is what we love buhi is.